Visit Huelva

This course offers several cultural and entertaining activities, which are designed to go beyond the language immersion itself. Here you are some suggestions. Are you up for it?

What kind of activities can we do?

To begin with, why don't you find out all the possibilities offered by this region? Click on the following link and get prepared to know Huelva and its charming by watching this video about Huelva Tourism.

If you like what you’re seeing, what are you waiting for? Here you are more ideas to visit and enjoy while sharing your time with us. Come on! Come with us!

The visits suggested as activities to be done on Friday  included in the course will be chosen among the following:

1. Let's get started with a town tour from the Santuario de La Cinta until the Paseo de la Ría. Let's go for a walk at Plaza de Las Monjas  or let's get into the Parque Moret. We cannot forget to visit the well-known neighbourhood Barrio Obrero or to stare at the estuary from the dock Muelle del Tinto, both of them symbols of the British heritage of our town. And if you want to see amazing sunsets bathed in a magical light, come to the Conquero site, our natural lookout. If you think it's high time to top up your energy level, of course, Huelva offers a wide and varied range of gastronomic options, as well as a long wine menu. Doesn't it make your mouth water?

2. Around our town, there are lots of places deserving to be known, such as the a.k.a  lugares colombinos ("Columbus places"), because Huelva is also about history and it’s full of amazing events. Then we move to the town nearby, La Rábida, just on the other side of the river. Can you imagine how would it be to cross the Atlantic Ocean more than five centuries ago? You can see what the ships commanded by Christopher Columbus looked like at the Muelle de las Carabelas. If you like, we can also find out an astonishing fauna at the Parque Botánico José Celestino Mutis, because meeting Mother Nature in Huelva is a reality. Let's sit under a robust tree and look at the landscape. Afterwards, shall we check how a monk’s lifestyle is? Let's go to the Monasterio de La Rábida (Friary of La Rábida) to find out how they live, let's take shelter within its walls and admire the paintings by the artist Daniel Vázquez Díaz, native of Huelva, which decorate them.

3. Huelva is also nature in its purest state and their marshlands compose El Rocío, a popular and charming small village of sand which transforms itself every spring with its worldwide known "romería" (religious pilgrimage). Did you know the Iberian lynx is an endangered species? How many species migrate here during the different seasons throughout the year? Where is the biggest wetland in Europe located? You will find all the answers to these questions, along with the incomparable experience of visiting Doñana National Park. We can check how unique is this land is by visiting the mining dristrict, where Riotinto stands out as an essential place for studying the Tinto river, as it has the most Mars-similar ecosystem on Earth. And walking through the mountains, Aracena is a picturesque place, whose Gruta de las Maravillas ("Grotto of the Marvels") takes us to an imaginary world.

4. Do you prefer powerful emotions? Are you up for crossing the border between Spain and Portugal by zip line? You can do it! There's a  cross-border zip line joining Sanlúcar del Guadiana (Spain) and Alcoutim (Portugal). As the offer is so complete in these villages, apart from eating delicious meals, we can also find out more about their history and their relationship thanks to their Castles at Sanlúcar del Guadiana (Spain) and at Alcoutim (Portugal).

5. It's time to relax, isn't it? What about  sunbathing at the beach for a while? Come with us on a wonderful trip by the estuary until the coast of Punta Umbría by ferry (It's Known as La Canoa). Who doesn't feel like an afternoon sailing? But if what you really want is to go for a long walk along unspoiled beaches and centenary cliffs, Mazagón is the perfect choice for you.

All of this and much more is waiting for you in Huelva. Will you join us?